Our flooring accessories will allow customers to have an easier time doing their flooring by using effective products that get the job done correctly. We are one of the best sellers and Brampton and our customers rely on us to provide them with high-quality flooring accessories. 


 We provide customers with the best glue adhesive that will be effective in keeping your flooring stuck.


 Grout is used to fill in the cracks that tiles leave when they are placed. Our grout solutions are the best in the Greater Toronto Area and they will cover any cracks completely.

Scratch Coat

Scratch coats allow for following coats to have a stronger bond by being scratched on the surface.


T-Lock Spacer

Spacers will keep your tiles in place, and from falling onto eachother. T-Lock spacers are the best spacers that you can get for your tiling job.


 Floor reducers allow for newly tiled floors to have a smoother transition between heights. We have a wide selection of reducers for customers to choose from allowing them to have options when deciding which design fits best for their situation.


 T-mouldings allow for customers to create a smooth transition between floors of equal thickness. Our wide selection gives customers many options to choose from.

Wax Paper

 Wax paper reduces the squeaks in wood floors and will provide customers a professional grade of performance.


 Star nosing is a safe way to finish the wood flooring on your staircase. Nosing will hide the edges of your wood flooring where they meet.


Under Padding

1. Regular 3MM with Silver Moisture Barrier
2. condo 3MM with Sound Proof Rubber and Silver Moisture Barrier
3. Vinyl Under Padding – 1MM

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